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CKEditor Image Browser


This CKEditor Image Browser plugin allows images on the server to be browsed and picked for inclusion into the editor's contents.
More detailed information about initializing and configuring the plugin could be found on the README file.
Please note that this plugin serves as image picker only and does NOT upload pictures to your server!

Try it here:
for example, click the Image button and the "Browse Server" button after that.

Example won't work locally!

To install this plugin, simply copy the imagebrowser folder into the ckeditor/plugins/ where the rest of the CKEditor plugins are.

Once you have copied everything to ckeditor/plugins/imagebrowser, you are almost ready to use it!

imageBrowser_listUrl specifies the absolute path to your JSON file, which contains the information and paths for your images.

The JSON file should have the following format:

The image property is the only one required for the plugin to work. The paths are also absolute.