We do standard (desktop computer) website development as well as mobile websites development.

A lot of people do it, we just do it better. Why? Because we've got tons of experience and the right attitude.

Besides website development, we also do custom solutions and systems development, which is a different topic, with its own specialized audience.

You need to care about technologies

You may think that you likely don't need to care what technology is used to power your website - you just want it done and working, right?

We beg to differ. A website is not something you do once and forget, no matter what your goal is.

  • Case #1: You want to have a website that grows - doing more and more for its users/customers as time goes

Someone will need to be making modifications to that website. If the original website developers used some obscure technology, which only a limited number of people understand, you are locked in and have to fight for their future attention and support, as well as with their rising fees.

  • Case #2: You want a small corporate (or similar) website that will remain unchanged for a long time.

A website/service that was good today may not be so good tomorrow. Security problems are constantly being found in products such as Wordpress and Joomla, that many use to build cheap websites with. You'd better be keeping an eye on security bulletins and you'd better be updating it often (with all the problems which that entails).

We use solid technologies with large communities

To keep away from security problems and still have your project built using technology that has a large community, you can drop one level down the technological stack and avoid ready-made solutions designed for cheap and fast development.

We use existing solid frameworks as a foundation. And then we write code on top of them - because we can and because we do it well.

The solution to the "future hell" problem described about Wordpress/Joomla above: get a properly-done website by a real development company the first time off and just forget about maintenace.

Core technologies we use:

  • Symfony 2 - hands-down the biggest and most well-done website development framework at the moment (using the PHP language). Some of our biggest projects are done using this framework.
  • Silex - Silex is Symfony's smallest brother - quite similar in that it is well-done, popular and has a vibrant community. It's especially suitable for smaller projects or projects that need more flexibility and rapid development. We have dozens of small and not-so-small projects developed using this framework.

To see a more detailed list of technologies we use, check our consulting page.

We handle different form-factors

With mobile traffic continuously increasing, you probably want to have your website or web application available in all sorts of form-factors (computers, mobile phones, tablets).

We can develop your computer + mobile website in one of several ways, depending on your project's needs and budgets.

A dedicated mobile website is, as the name suggests, a separate website. It requires more effort to maintain, but usually yields better results. It is also a good way to do it, if you already have an existing desktop website and want to make a mobile version.

Responsive websites are another way to get your website working on different devices this. Such websites are not separate/dedicated - they are essentially the same website, which shows up in an adaptive way, depending on what device you look at it from. It is harder to build a good responsive website and mostly makes sense for new projects.

Our current website (the one you are on right now) is a responsive one. You can open it through different devices and see how it changes its appearance to make the best use of each device's capabilities.

More than just web?

Sometimes a website needs to be a much more complex system, that we need to call it something fancy.
Check our custom solutions and systems development page if your needs are bigger.