We've dealt with a lot of different technologies during our 10+ years of experience. Knowledge is to be shared.

We can provide you with help, guidance, code reviews, security audits and trainings on topics we're good at.

Website development consulting

We have experience with the following web development technologies:

Database technologies consulting

We have experience with the following database technologies:

Server technologies/languages consulting

  • node.js - a platform for building fast and scalable network applications
  • Go-lang - a programming language for building reliable and efficient software

Other software consulting

Some other software we have experience with:

  • Memcached - an in-memory caching system
  • Varnish Cache - an HTTP accelerator (reverse-proxy)
  • RabbitMQ - a messaging queue that allows building scalable distributed applications
  • Linux - we manage dozens of Linux servers around the globe, running various Linux distributions

Monitoring solutions consulting

We have experience with the following websiter/server/device monitoring solutions:

  • Nagios - the leading self-hosted IT infrastructure monitoring solution - we manage multiple Nagios deployments for various clients
  • Cacti - a simple and powerful RRD-based graphing tool
  • Monitlab - our own around-the-globe monitoring webservice - we are so serious about monitoring that we built our own service that makes it much better

Whichever one of these or other technologies you need help with, just contact us.