What is a Facebook app?

A Facebook application is generally a small page or a small web game, integrated via an HTML iframe tag into your (corporate) Facebook page.

It's something that users can interact with and is usually built with the intention of gaining more Facebook likes or just as a way to advertise and promote your company, brand or certain product, by means of engaging users in a fun way.

Developing an app is similar to developing a regular (small) website. The main difference is that it allows you to easily reach those millions of Facebook users. With an app you can collect users' emails (for future needs, such as advertising), organize an engaging contest (everybody likes free contests!) and so on.

How can a Facebook application help you?

The most-common purpose of a Facebook app is for you to gain a bigger audience for your page.

This is done by forcing the users to like your page, before they are able to see your app or "play" your game-app.

Most users won't like your page just because you have put an app there. You have to tempt them with something. The most popular scenario is to organize a contest/raffle and give some sort of prize to someone. Of course you can always just give a  prize to a random user, who has commented or liked a post (or a picture) you have made, but having a beautiful and interactive app looks much more serious and fun way to connect to your fans.

What Facebook app to choose?

This depends or your needs.

If you need more Facebook likes, organizing a raffle with an app may be your best choice.
In this case the app could be some sort of a fun test or a contest (whoever gets more likes on his submitted photo wins or something of that sort).

Not all Facebook apps are about contest though. You can have an app that work as an information page. It can provide all sorts of information related to your Facebook page - store locations, working time, a menu and so on.
An app can even provide ecommerce functionality.

A Facebook app can be anything, but unlike a website, it gives you easy access to real (most of them) users - with names, emails, photos and so on.

Should you try it?

Having the right Facebook app on your page in the social network can bring you a much bigger audience to present to and many more Facebook and real-life likes.

If the app is good, people will start talking about it and associate your brand with something positive. They will come to your page by themselves and will engage more with your company. The social aspect in marketing and sales is increasingly huge nowadays.

An app can be an alternative medium to advertise, compared to those normal boring that everybody does. Of course, it isn't an alternative - it's just a supplement.

How much does a Facebook app cost?

Keep in mind that having an app by itself may not do much if you don't invest some money in promoting it.

It's just the way that Facebook works. Usually apps are simpler than regular websites, so it makes sense for them to cost less - and they do. Unless you want something complex and big, which requires more time to develop. As a rule having an app is a sure way to engage with more users at a reasonable price.

You can provide us with an app idea for yoru page and we can develop it.

Or we can come up with an idea for a Facebook app and develop it from start to finish for you.
It is common practice to let agencies, such as ours, to manage your social presence and we'd be happy to do that for you.